Business Overview

They say “the sky is the limit.” For some, the ability to dream big is inscribed in our DNA. The imaginable possibilities are limitless, and the ideology for success is impeccable. We visualise achievements beyond the tangible realms into the future. We even make plans, but hold on!  What are those plans? How do we intend to achieve those goals?

Regardless of how you visualise the idea, it’s paramount for one to be radical in their thinking. Exploring your strength and weaknesses as well as acknowledging the notion that someone out there can produce better results than you are all part of the process. It’s about mastering the art of creating strategic partnerships to make your ideas a reality.


Don’t be incarcerated by the perimeters of your own ideas.

It is okay to seek help and outsource second opinions! The benefits of collaboration outweigh the competition. This success you want is achievable! However, some elements are stopping you from achieving your dream. You want to overcome the fear or stumbling block regardless of what you’ve been through. Whatever the reason might be! Maybe you tried and failed; perhaps a business partnership did not work. Relatives or friends disappointed and failed you.

What if we tell you now that we have the solution and can help you regardless of where you are on the planet? We will help you dream again! Allow us to help you take that business to greater heights through our business expertise at Coppice Business Management Solutions.

Business Consultancy

Thousands of companies registered in the Zimbabwean for the past 10 years, almost 35% are not operational, 25% is stagnant, they have not progressed enough to be able to break even, this is due to a couple of issues. Mismanagement possibly due to the absence of owners, exacerbated by an exodus of many thousands over the years.  Most people left the country in search of opportunities elsewhere. The economic hardships hade it even harder to operate effectively; as a result, some businesses were closed; some became dysfunctional affecting the economy immensely. The informal sector gradually expanded, overtaking the formal industry and eroding the formal sector confidence in the process. However, in a bid to hold on to the investment, some people whose companies stopped operating or closed, still held on to offices in hope things may change and they will be able to revive their business at some point. Relatives, family and friends were then given custody of the companies, that is where the chaos began.

CBMS was founded on the bases of resolving these issues, we believe people still have the potential and the urge to revive their business but what they are lacking is the support in the form of effective management of those businesses. We are confident that we can help these businesses by offering tailor-made solutions on case to case bases. These companies may be suffering similar predicament; therefore, solution implementation will vary from company to company.  Allow us to help you run your company on your behalf.

How we Help

We are determined to show positive results; failure is not an option! Our process is transparent. We serve as a business management department on an on-going or as-needed basis. Your business is our focus. We understand how difficult it can be for small businesses to afford a high level of administrative expertise on a small budget.CBMS is the most affordable solution for your business. Our experienced and highly qualified staff are at hand to help. For us to be able to assist you effectively, we begin by examining your current company financial standing. This includes the administrative situation.

We will then analyse current books and bookkeeping practices, financial analysis of your company’s performance, forecasting for the future and budget development. From there, we can offer insight and assistance with overall business strategy as well as any other questions or concerns you may have. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We can customise our package based on your requirements; with specific areas that could boost the performance of your business. We also examine infrastructure, administration, and day-to-day operations for opportunities to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your business for an affordable fee.


At CBMS, we aspire to help small to medium businesses (SMEs) thrive. We understand that SMEs are the backbone of any economy. Our mission is to help small businesses and their leaders realise their full potential and grow into the companies that they aspire to be. We offer a wide range of services including, day-to-day running of the business, the financials and everything in-between. We act as an appointed CEO/ CFO or business manager to effectively run your business on your behalf. We understand the disappointments that come with running a company, and we are always ready to make your business a success.

Our Process

Every business is different but our approach is the same. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your business highlighting the positives and the negatives beforehand. It is always important to start at the ground level to ascertain business information accuracy and completeness. This will enable us to identify the services you may require.

Implementing your customised service package will assist you in making decisions and setting goals that ensure your company’s long-term success. We will work with you and your team every step of the way until your business can sustain itself or to a point where you no longer require our services.

Asset Management

There is no worrying time as the time when you have acquired assets over the years and accumulated them in the hope you will be able to use them. We have to accept that sometimes life happens and things do not go the way we plan; therefore, we are forced to try our best to protect our possessions for as long as we possibly can. We are humans we get attached, but often we are faced with a dilemma on whether to monetise our investment or keep them stored. These items gather dust, they depreciate value every day and relatives as much as we love them, they can be a menace, we then affect our relations in the process. We are a company that understands these issues; we will look after your assets the way you would want them to be kept, we can find contracts for your vehicles and even look after your properties such as houses, land etc. We will do our best to help.

Send Local

Send local is the brainchild of CMBS, some problems are easy to solve, this depends on how one view challenges, they can hinder progress if a practical solution is not sort. We have taken a closer look at the diaspora, through research, the findings are alarming but solvable. It’s mostly lack of honest people to entrust to do work for you, greedy friends and relatives (yes, we said it). A lot of issues that were raised involve unscrupulous elements that look to capitalise off people because of their location on the globe. People face these issues all the time. Send Local will allow you to forward a request with your task, and we deploy assistance. We offer services from sending your parents medication from Bulawayo or Harare to Honde, taking groceries to children in school or parents in the villages, supervising your construction projects and buying supplies, equipment on your behalf. No more stressing with whom to send to do your work, let us do it for you and you will finally be at peace with your relatives and friends. Please send in a request, and we will do our best to assist.